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Transporting the COVID-19 Vaccine

Transporting the COVID-19 Vaccine:  Supply Chain Impact and Obstacles

November 19
11am – Noon EST

The COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution will be the World’s Greatest Logistical Feat- Learn about the Bottlenecks, Obstacles and Challenges from the Front Lines.

Regardless of your company’s involvement, your supply chain may be impacted. Don’t miss this important session.

The pandemic transformed global supply chains, tested their limits and has proven most to be highly resilient. Operation Warp Speed—the name given to the shipping of COVID-19 vaccine, in a cold/cool environment in the US, (and everywhere on earth), is an undertaking like no other before.  Whether involved or not, this project will likely have several unintended consequences for shippers and service providers in our interconnected world. Join this panel as they explore challenges from the perspectives of a global package delivery provider, a healthcare freight forwarder, a temperature-controlled packaging supplier, and a healthcare and food trucking service provider. They’ll discuss the vaccine launch, and how it might lead to potential complexity in related and unrelated areas of the supply chain.

Featured Speakers:

Michael HaleySkyCell
Lorant Kovacs, DB Schenker
Mary Tussing, United Airlines Cargo
Larry St. Onge, DHL
Jeff Tucker, Tucker Company Worldwide

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Demand for Trucking Reaches Historic High: How to Combat Covid-19 Induced Capacity Crisis Soaring

September 2nd – 11am EDT

Speaker: Jeff Tucker, Tucker Company Worldwide

Since June 2020, truck capacity has steadily tightened, reaching all-time highs in early August. Freight prices have increased in the spot markets, LTL and intermodal. Contract pricing too, as tender rejections are up. It all adds up to the next great capacity crisis–the third in about 5 years. Yet few shippers plan strategies to anticipate and scale these crises.

Demand is likely to increase–U.S. factory orders rose 6.2% in June, with predicted continued growth; China’s factory output in July was the largest growth it’s had since 2011. It means products will be more expensive and more challenging to ship than ever before. We’ll look at the market data today and discuss some critical mega-trends you need to know for future success.

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Supply Chain Risk Management: Handling Disruptions Today and Tomorrow

September 16th – 2pm EDT

Speaker: Richard Sharpe, Competitive Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many supply chain related resiliency issues, ranging from shortages in product availability to meeting surges in demand. Because the supply chain issues are  so visible and affecting so many companies adversely, shareholders and stakeholders will require companies and their supply chain executives to demonstrate an active, effective and ongoing  Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) program. What will be the next disruptive event? Are you ready?

You are invited to attend a very interactive presentation by Richard Sharpe, CEO of Competitive Insights, and gain key takeaways to make smarter and more targeted SCRM decisions, both reactive and proactive. Learn how effective SCRM analytics enables companies to add measurable resiliency to their operation while, at the same time, protecting profit and shareholder and stakeholder investments.

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