Demand for Trucking Reaches Historic High: How to Combat Covid-19 Induced Capacity Crisis Soaring

September 2nd – 11am EDT

Speaker: Jeff Tucker, Tucker Company Worldwide

Since June 2020, truck capacity has steadily tightened, reaching all-time highs in early August. Freight prices have increased in the spot markets, LTL and intermodal. Contract pricing too, as tender rejections are up. It all adds up to the next great capacity crisis–the third in about 5 years. Yet few shippers plan strategies to anticipate and scale these crises.

Demand is likely to increase–U.S. factory orders rose 6.2% in June, with predicted continued growth; China’s factory output in July was the largest growth it’s had since 2011. It means products will be more expensive and more challenging to ship than ever before. We’ll look at the market data today and discuss some critical mega-trends you need to know for future success.

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