TIA and NITL Release Updated Broker-Shipper Model Contract

The National Industrial Transportation League and the Transportation Intermediaries Association have revised their model broker-shipper contract and are making it available exclusively to NITL and TIA members.

The two organizations began updating the model contract in 2017, forming a small working group consisting of members of both organizations. Many of the updates are designed to address new federal regulations affecting the movement of food products, specifically the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s final rule on the sanitary transportation of human and animal food. The rule took effect on 6 April 2017 for “larger” third-party logistics professionals (more than 500 employees) and will apply to “small businesses” as of 6 April 2018.

“Our respective organizations sought to integrate existing laws, regulations and legal interpretations and not place undue stress onto the other party,” says Jeff Tucker, CEO of Tucker Company Worldwide and chairman of NITL’s Highway Committee. “We’re pleased to provide this benefit to our members and our industry.”