Statement of the National Industrial Transportation League in Response to the STB First-Mile/Last-Mile Service Issues Decision

The National Industrial Transportation League, as the voice of the shipper, is enthusiastic that the Surface Transportation Board is taking up the issue of first-mile/last-mile, aka local switching service of the freight rail industry.  We have long advocated that average train speed and terminal dwell, while important measures of railroads’ line haul service health, do not adequately measure the total supply chain impacts of freight rail service. 

Railroads’ operational touch points with customers occur at the industries and the docks.  Creating an industry standard for reporting on the first and final legs of rail movements will provide valuable insights to both the Board and rail customers regarding the impacts of rail transit on U.S. supply chains.  This greater visibility into the challenges shippers/receivers face during localized rail service will provide data that will help industries plan and drive higher reliability and accountability of the freight rail providers’ common carrier obligations.


Nancy O’Liddy
Executive Director
National Industrial Transportation League