Legislative/Regulatory Activity

The National Industrial Transportation League actively represents the interests of its members in Washington, D.C. By advocating for shippers’ interests before federal agencies and both houses of Congress, the League ensures that its members’ business concerns are heard.

Our commitment to our members’ interests and reputation for honesty and integrity have earned us the sincere respect of the federal agencies that matter most to shippers: the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Surface Transportation Board, and the Federal Maritime Commission. Government officials at both staff and leadership levels actively solicit the League’s views on every significant issue affecting shippers that comes before their agencies.

At any given time, the League is involved in a range of issues that have a direct bearing on our members’ businesses. Following are some of the issues in which the League is playing an active role to ensure a favorable outcome.

Ex Parte 711: Competitive Rail Switching

The League is leading the effort to bring needed competition to a markedly non-competitive segment of America’s freight rail market without resorting to re-regulating that industry. Information about that effort is published here.

FAQs on Competitive Switching

Why it’s Time for Rail Reform

The League has commented recently on a number of other matters before the Surface Transportation Board:

Ex Parte No. 704: Review of Commodity, Boxcar, and TOFC/COFC Exemptions

Ex Parte No. 731: Rules Relating to Board-Initiated Investigations

Ex Parte No. 730: Revisions to Arbitration Procedures

Ex Parte No. 724 (Sub-No. 4): United States Rail Service Issues—Performance Data Reporting