If you want to be informed, connect with your peers, advance your career and make a real impact on Washington on the things that matter to you as a shipper, then you should join the National Industrial Transportation League.

We have a seat at the table. 

The League is the nation’s oldest, broad-based association focused solely on freight transportation issues that impact shippers and receivers. Its history and stature opens doors and provides access others may not have.

You have a seat at the table. 

Membership in the League ensures that you and your companies have an opportunity to be heard on issues that are specific to transportation that other trade associations cannot or do not address in depth—or at all.

We have high visibility and influence in Washington, DC.

The League has extraordinarily high visibility, a positive reputation, and sincere respect at the federal agencies that matter most to shippers:  U.S. Department of Transportation, the Surface Transportation Board and the Federal Maritime Commission. Government officials–at staff and leadership levels– actively solicit the League’s views on every significant issue in their agencies.

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